BMW i7 Review – The Car They HATE to LOVE?

They HATE to LOVE?

Looking Good

The i7 has a lot of style to offer. With large kidney grilles and a split headlight, the front end is quite striking and a step away from BMW’s traditional look. It’s not quite as eye-catching as the Tesla Model S or Mercedes EQS sedan, but it’s more conventional than many other luxury EVs out there.

Technology and Innovation

It’s not hard to see why the i7 is BMW’s first electric flagship car – it’s one of the most luxurious cars we’ve ever driven, boasting plenty of space and tech that would make even its Rolls-Royce sister company blush. The driving dynamics are also impressive, retaining the excellent balance and body control that’s made it a BMW.

Inside, it’s a similarly impressive experience. There are plenty of touches that make it a very well-designed and comfortable car, with everything tailored to your exact preferences.

A great example is the Theatre Screen, a huge, folding, rear-seat screen that can be used to play movies and TV shows on-demand. The i7 also comes with BMW’s Digital Key system, which works with an iPhone and allows you to open the doors without removing it from your pocket or bag.


The i7 uses two electric motors to deliver 536 horsepower and 549 pound-feet of torque. These are electric motors that don’t need rare-earth materials, making the car environmentally friendly and saving on costs compared to most ICE powertrains. The electric powertrain is very smooth and quiet, too – you can’t hear the motors at all during a long drive.